Aircraft engine

How would I go about arranging the rotary blades (don’t know their real name) on the outside of the engine?
Thanks skulna

Here is a quick jet engine I made, maybe it will help, otherwise please refine your question, post a screen shot or picture or a blend file.
How many props are you going to have 3, 4 what do you want…exactly?


rocket.blend (957 KB)

I’m currently modelling a Boeing 777 engine and if I manually rotate and place each blade, I don’t think it would look very good so my question was what method should I use to achieve this.

So it has 22 blades, model one, in edit mode put your cursor, right in the middle of the engine, get your view window lined up perfectly with it looking straight down the engine and use the spindup tool set to 360 degrees and 22 steps.


spindup.blend (164 KB)

thanks alot