Aircraft landing gear

Very simple yet visually pleasing model that I quickly put together.
Rendered in Octane render. Built and modified in Blender 2.49.

Render time: 04:32s

Hope you like it:yes:


Wow really well done. I love the simplicity of the texture on the render. Almost reminds me of something you would see on mirrors edge. 5 stars well done

Very kind of you and thx for the comment.
Just realised that I should add some loop cuts to the main supporting bar, looks to rounded.
I see what you mean about mirrors edge, lol XD
Materials actually have more detail but sadly Octane Render does not support textures being simply exported, they have to be uv mapped n all.
Too hard to notice but used a lattice on the tire to make it look like its under pressure, think i’ll make it more obvious (can hardly see atm)

Will add another render in the nxt week or so.
(Currently playing mass effect 2 and very addicted, haha)

Nice and sexy colors, I like how it feels so minimalistic. Very and attractive, the diffused shadow is really neat.