Aircraft Models Needed for Simulator

My team requires a Blender expert to develop detailed and accurate animated aircraft models with PBR textures for export and use in the X-plane flight simulator.

  • Good general knowledge of aviation and aviation terminology is a big advantage.
  • Attention to detail is essential.
  • The successful applicant must be able and willing to familiarize themselves with the unique requirements of the X-plane flight simulator and the associated exporter and other scripts developed for use in this application.
  • The timeframe is 3-months or less.
  • The budget is <$1,000USD for the first aircraft job.

For this job, the aircraft to be created is a Vulcanair P68 Observer
Detailed photo reference material will be made available.

Thank you for taking the time to review this opportunity!

My business specializes in creating high-realism aircraft for use in the X-plane simulator. The applications range from concept evaluation, to consumer entertainment to professional flight training aids.

Hi, My name is Manuel Lopez i have worked as a 3D freelance artist for several years, and have worked on many projects, i have created some drones in the past as well, and i would be happy to learn more about this project. I will submit my demo reel to show the quality of work i can provide for your company!

I am very interested in the job. I have experience in organic and hard surface modeling, UV unwrapping and texturing in PBR pipeline and video game production.
Please have a look at my portfolio at my website


I’d like to be able to take this job but no more time to do anything else … anyway here I have now prepared the starting file to start modeling, for those who want to dedicate themselves here.

p68_observer.blend (169.4 KB)

I worked on the same exact job in the past and I’m the author of the 3d model (with animations) of one of the most popular airplanes on the platform. However, your price is literally 15x lower than what I got paid. What do you expect for your price?

That’s a vague reference.
What I am hoping for is a decent model, and a modeller I am then familiar with and who is familiar with the requirements for bigger and better things.
Have been burned before by someone taking a lot of money and delivering nothing.

This is not the place to negotiate prices. Please do so via PM.

Thank you to everyone who responded.
We have filled the role, but are always looking for good aircraft modellers!