Aircraft Retopo Help

Howdy, I need some help retopologizing aircraft parts. The obj files are attached. This is all for a project for school and I dont know how to retopologize at all. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.Wing.obj (671.4 KB) Engine.obj (4.0 MB) Fuel Tank.obj (179.6 KB) Fuselage.obj (2.0 MB) Horizontal Stabilizer.obj (100.0 KB) Fuselage.obj (2.0 MB) Vertical Stabilizer.obj (115.5 KB) Wheel doors.obj (64.9 KB)

Have you tried googling hard surface topology or do google image search for hard surface wireframe. Then look at how the edge flow follows the form. Then do a youtube search for retopoflow tutorials or topology in Blender.

Also, not a goos tactic to post your OBJ files, as most people have no need to download them, unless they are willing to do the work for you. Posting screen shots is a bit more helpful, as it gives everyone a chance to quickly view your issue and respond. If they are feeling genorious they may do a quick draw over to help you out.


Yea, my bad. I wasn’t thinking :no_mouth:. I will definitely check the google stuff though and add pictures instead of huge .OBJ files. Thanks!

This is the second time you post this model.
Have you retopoed the body by now since i dont see it listed above?
I just did the fuel tank.
Topology is not perfect and it doesnt match 1 to 1 but it should be a lot more useable.


Nope, Not yet. It’s under Fuselage. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

No problem, but there is still a ton of work to do.

I did some changes and a quick UV.
Maybe you want to dl it again:

fueltank.blend (810.4 KB)

for sure, I’ll check it out. I just needed help with the retopo since i suck hairy toes when it comes to it. I was planning on uv-ing and texturing the models myself.

Here are the wheel doors:

wheel doors.blend (895.3 KB)

Vertical stabilizer:
vertical stabilizer8.blend (714.5 KB)

This is the last part I will do. If you want me to continue you will have to pay me.

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Thank you so much for the models, They look great! How much would you charge?

This really is a lot of work. The models have to essentially be recreated from scratch. To make matters worse, the bigger parts seem to have broken geometry as well like the wings. There are wholes in the mesh where they should not be ( I think) so one would have to check for references how the model actually was supposed to look. Which of course takes time again. I think the remaining parts are like a week of work so about 40 hours.

I know. I didn’t make these trash models. I received them from Boeing. I tried for weeks trying to retopo them and the original uv’s they came with were horrendous. I wanted to contact them again but they took months to give me the model and i needed this done before the year ended.

I know that it is not your model. However the task you are asking is basically to create a hero asset VFX mesh from vague reference. To be honest I would simply buy a simpler mesh on turbosquid and work with that. I cant see anyone retopo these mesh parts for 150$.