Aircrafts WWI

All made with Blender. See more at


Nice work. Could you post some screenshots of the models?

Hi Mats,

Here are two more screenshots of wwi aircrafts I’ve done in Blender.

A Fokker DVII:

An Albatros DV:

There are more views of these and other airplanes in the gallery of my page



Some other biplane aircraft or warbird.

A first and classic version of a Sopwith Camel.

A second version of a Sopwith Camel, in a close view.

Enjoy and see more interesting views of wwi fighters from vintage aviator’s time at


The models are amazing, but the propellor is quite distracting (to me at least).

They should be nearly completely invisible due to motion blur. A few have a ‘blurred propellor’ texture as well as the propellor, but even then I think it would be better without the prop itself.

Aside from that, they do all look great :smiley:

Hi gedditoffme,

The engine has stopped! There is no pilot also!

It took me long hours to make real propellers like that, so they are shown…

Thanks for the comments and your favorable reception!

I think what he’s saying is that the prop shouldn’t be visible at all, just the blur trail. If it is moving at all, that is.


Here follows one of the most classics triplanes: The Red Baron Fokker DR1, from the famous captain Manfred von Richthofen’s, also known as The Red Battle Flyer.

You can look up to more images from this and several other vintage airfighters at


Nice work kxlexk, I especially like The Red Battle Flier

Nice work,my favourite is the Fokker DR1 too,I wanted to build that some time ago,but it was very pricey…:smiley:


Adding to the wwi airplanes collection, a very special airship: the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin.

Modeled and rendered in Blender 3D of course, and The Gimp only for adding the more detailed small views in the corners.

More and detailed views you can see browsing my gallery at


Very nice models. A bit more work on the textures and materials and they could be really good. Right now they’re a little too clean and almost like plastic in some cases. Dirty them up, make them look a bit worn. It’s that last step that really makes a model come alive.


Comments are welcome, even the most obvious. But please see all images underneath before.

Here is one more classic added to the fleet: the SE5-a RAF.

The full collection is at


Poor lightning and materials (it looks like there’s only one type of a shader). There’s a lack of textures that make these planes very unrealistic. Nevertheless they are well modelled, they are simple but quite cute.

A closer view and some details of the SE5-a, like the Lewis gun on the top. There is also a Vickers gun mounted in the fuselage, easy to identify by the big gun-sight.