Airdale combat demo (Resident Evil style)

Looking for some feedback on how this runs for everyone. It’s not finished yet, (no sounds, effects, different weapons, etc.) but the basics are up and running.

I wanted to recreate a similar system to resident evil for Airdale, as I think it will compliment the game style more than others :slight_smile:


W - Walk Forwards
Left Shift + W - Run Forwards
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
E - Lock onto Target (Must be roughly aiming at it)
Left Click - Fire

I do plan to have a walk backwards function in the final version, and I know the animations need some work :wink:

working very well, and very nice!

wow its great! I think you would do good to work on your lighting alot, but I’m sure you’ll get to that in the content creation process. My main thing is the camera. It’s hard to see the main character. Very, very hard.

Also, is there a way to call up fonts with blender? I know you have the health stats in the corner of the screen, but is there a way to change the font of those. The thing I hate is the blurry menus that people use in Blender games. It makes them look very cheap (not your game).

Whoa, nice job! Only complaint is that it’s a bit difficult to hold E while running around. And if the first thing I do is just hold A or D, he just hovers when I move him with W; t’s probably just a bug in your script or something, though, and I doubt anyone normal will start out turning in place :wink:

That’s great Andy,maybe using different key instead of shift for running would be good for some ppl, or perhaps have a python script to make ppl use whatever keys they have a preference for.

Very cool!

This is a very promising game. If the puzzles get a little more interesting and there is more story, coupled with this combat system, it should work out really well.