Airdale: Demo Mk II

I’ve reached a point where I thought a new version release would be in order. So here it is! (Windows only at this point, sorry)


Extract all files into a folder and run the executable.

Hopefully I’ve fixed all the major bugs, if you find any though I’d appreciate the feedback. Sometimes I overlook things whilst working on others.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Also if you’d like to get involved in development of the game, check this thread:

After playing this demo you should get a better feel for the game and it’s gameplay. Since the programming is quite stable now, I’m moving on to expanding the content and writing more story around what I have. There’s still things to do on the gameplay side as well…

Uh…what’s with the audio files? Why can’t you just pack them?
Anyway, pretty nice game so far, just work out the kinks, and you’ll have a pretty good game.

There are some major gameplay issues, though, such as:
You can’t walk very fast
You don’t have enough health to last more than five minutes

Also: (more minor flaws)
Why does the clip only hold 8 bullets? It should hold at least 12, like a regular gun.
You should implement a click-move system. (Right-click somewhere, and the character moves there.) That, in combination with faster movement, would make the game a LOT more enjoyable.
Right now, it’s kind of like an easter-egg hunt. I think you should add more story, make the combat system more fun, and make the enemies look scary.

BTW, I’m not trying to insult you, and I think this game has a lot of potential, but you need to iron out some of these flaws.

No mp3 support & Blender’s internal sound system isn’t very stable. Much easier to add sounds using a couple of lines of python and pygame.

Shift + W is to run (check controls in menu). The health would be a difficulty issue I guess… too hard?

8 was just a random number I picked for the clip size. I’ll probably alter it based on balancing the difficulty later. I also plan to implement manual reloading and multiple weapons which are on the ToDo list.

I might experiment with a click-move system, but I think it’s more flexible how it is now. Writing a story and adding meaning to the combat and puzzles is what I’ll work on next. This is more of a tech/gameplay demo. My aim was to develop efficient code which would allow a game to be built up quickly. An engine within the game engine in effect :wink:

I’ll certainly take these comments into consideration. Thanks for the feedback.

A Really awesome game, nice sounds nice interactivity and just great. I played it for like 15 minutes. Keep working on it, maybe I post soon some things which you could add or something else. :smiley:

very awsome, I’ll test it more if I get back from school…
The backgroung music was something that I didn’t want to hear over and over again…

Well hearing the same music all the time can be fixed. I know there’s a script or way of setup with logic bricks, that makes it able to have a room and hear in each corner of it an another sounds, when walking the another corner, the current sounds fades away and a new comes in. I can post an example of it if you want that. :smiley:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Friedbrain is currently working on composing some more music for the game. I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to him. I already have code in place to play separate tracks in each room, or to loop through several tracks instead of just the one.

Sound is something that I want to do more work on. More music and sound effects would improve the atmosphere.

I need this script. I’ve wanted something like that for a long time.

Where do I get it??? [!]

I need this script. I’ve wanted something like that for a long time.

Where do I get it??? [!][/quote]

It isn’t online, I’ve to upload that file. I’ll post a reply with a link tomorrow. :slight_smile:

It’s online now, at:
it works in 2.36 but to really test it, you have to walk around a couple of times and listen carefully to hear the changes. But it works. :smiley: