Airdale: Proof of Concept Demo (Contest Entry)

For this contest I set myself the challenge of developing a system which would allow me to include hundreds of interactive objects within a game. The code needed to be efficient, but more importantly it needed to be manageable. Whilst what I achieved may not be the most efficient method in it’s current state, it’s very easy to modify and update.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to implement as much content as I would have liked into the game. I focused mainly on the programming challenge element of it. Still, I’ve laid the foundations for easy and rapid expansion of the game in the future if I decide to work on it again.

As far as I know I’ve ironed out all major bugs. If you encounter any problems, just let me know and I’ll try find a solution.

Hope you all enjoy playing.

Executable (Fullscreen - Recommended):


very nice , tough it could have more sounds or music… :smiley:

Wow! :o

That is really cool. I knew Blender could be used for a great adventure game and this proved it.

One problem, How do I drop an inventory item if it doesn’t work? Instead of description, I get “The item can’t be used here.”

Very nice, though there needs to be some sort of run button, walking is really slow. Other than that, it looks fun, i’ll finish it when i have time.


:o Excellent work Andy everything looks amazing and plays great…
at least on my computer, i hope you get the time to work on this more

i too hope you get more time to work on this, it can be a really great game :slight_smile:

This was cool andy, hope you get more time to work on it like the other people says :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone :slight_smile:

I did want to include music and I even have some tracks ready to use, however 2.34 doesn’t support mp3s so I can’t use them. :frowning: I was thinking of using 2.25 so I could have music, but then there’s the alpha bugs…

Finding good quality free sounds to use can be a pain sometimes, but I will make note of this if I come back to working on the game soon :wink:


I never actually implemented a way to drop/de-equip items since it’s not needed to get through the game. However I do see now how it could be a problem. It wouldn’t take very long to program in though, so I’ll remember this for the next version.

I’ll consider a run mode, however do consider he’s holding a candle so running could be tricky :wink:

Thanks all! I may return and extend the game as part of the next contest if rules permit. As well as adding new features and enhancements.

A cool game so far man. One of the best i`ve seen and played from blender in a long time. :slight_smile:

Realy good Andy!

fantastic work andy! if this game is ever expanded in the future it could really be awesome. :slight_smile:

When using my Laptop the screen resolution is not supported in the fullscreen .exe . In other words the res is not compatible with all computers. Its not a special video card (in fact its awful) but it plays other games without a problem. Just to let you know. Its an awesome game plan. I hope your programming allows you to continue in this way!

The code needed to be efficient, but more importantly it needed to be manageable.

what do you mean ? code? you mean python right?
or are you talking c++ or somethin

Thanks guys!

The reason I chose this resolution (1024x768), is it’s the most commonly used (search web for statistics). Laptops/LCD screens are always a problem since they usually only work optimally at a single resolution. You could always compile your own runtime from the .blend file though. Thanks for the feedback!

Python code yes. I tend to use a lot of python now, and keep logic bricks to a minimum. It’s easier to maintain a set of scripts than a web of logic bricks. You can check the .blend file to see the python scripts I have powering the game. The main object handling script is over 1000 lines :o Though I do tend to double space and comment a lot to keep things tidy.

It’s easier to maintain a set of scripts than a web of logic bricks

I’m going to have to work out something because my current project looks like an amateur radio wiring job. I’m using quite a few scripts, but they’re short and they’re attached to other objects sensors and other objects actuators.

He fell through the floor:

How did he do that??

I went near the bed, and [like sometimes happens in 2.3X] he vibrated, then just went through the bed and floor.

Very nice game. It ran without a hitch on a PII866 w/128 MB with an ATI All-in-wonder 128 card. How did you do the movable lighting and the overlays. I guess I will have to look at the blend file to really find out.

This is caused by the physics bugs in the new engine. 2.34 is much better than 2.33 with this problem, but it can still occur. It’s only happened once to me whilst testing the game.

I could probably program in some kind of workaround fix, but there’s no way to ensure it never happens. All I can do is hope Kester will find a solution in a later version of the engine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I did take steps to ensure the game would run smoothly on slower systems. Glad it runs ok for you.

The moveable lighting is simply a lamp parented to the armature so it moves around with it. Originally I used a spot lamp for a torch effect, but changed it since I felt the candle gave better effect. Though in a later version I might add a torch you can find and equip for different lighting…

The overlay is simply an overlay scene with some text. Scripts alter the text when messages are recieved from the main scene.