Airmen Landis

Hi all,

Look who`s on the front page of 3d,

Congratulations, job well done,...airmen:


Congratulations Landis it is good to see your airman getting such a good response in so many places, good for you and good for Blender. You did a good job with the airman work and deserve some credit and publicity. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to you H@dj, for pointing this out to us.

I am very sorry I have been away. My base just finished up an excersize and that takes alot out of you so you can imagine that the only thing on my mind for the past couple of weeks has been my bed! However, if it were not for difficult times like these the Airman would not have been born…so… I like to fool myself into thinking that it will all make for great material in the long run.
Anyways thank you very much for the encouragement. This community is truly inspiring. Now…while I have been away from my computer for the last few days, my mind has been engulfed in animaton. My lovely wife recently purchased 2 new books on animation for me to study…one of which is by Preston Blair. If I am going to do it I am going to do it right. Unfortunately until then you will all have to settle for an updated, little bit brighter, almost fully rigged, version of the Airman.
Cheers all,

Really cool Landis!

I am striked how good artwork you do

Myself haven’t had any good work or inspiring lately,
much to the job I have had during daytime…but I hope
the inspiriation will come back :slight_smile:

good luck on the animation part! cant wait to see it :smiley: !

Thanks Z!

Don’t worry about the lack of inspiration…I go through the same phases myself. What I normally do when my life gets too busy for the computer is throughout the day, while I am at work, I study people walking for use in animation, observe how lighting affects different materials, and search for textures that may be promising. Basically I just make sure that I am always dedicating a small percent of my brain 100% of the time solely to my work…I can just hope that it will all pay off…and even if it doesnt I dont really care. I know that my love for this stuff will keep me doing it for the rest of my life.

Hello. I know that most of you that have visited this thread probably already know but for those of you who may not, I have a thread with more images of the Airman and other stuff.

Thanks all,