Airplane (913 Nebula)

Hey everybody! Just lookin for some advice on my plane I designed, I’m a beginner at this and am mostly looking for advice on texturing and stuff. Thanks so much!!!


Looks good, but I would work on the textures, and make the wings wider near the body of the plane. I’m no plane expert so I cant really comment further.

make the wings thinner. make the rear wing taller. propeller have 2 blades facing diferent direction.

It may also help to detach the wing flaps.
For texturing search for UV’s.

Try a thinner wing, with a more rounded or pointed tip, a flat tip isnt much of any use (and blocks wind instead of cutting it). Also the wings seem to protrude towards the Camera a little to much, shorten them or try to give them a bit of tip towards the back.