Airplane Above The Clouds

What should be improved ?

Awesome work really! Maybe you should do a bit more composting / lighting to add a bit more contrast to the scene (i know you have to be careful not to get it over the top) and obviously more samples to reduce the noise, but this is very realistic D:

The clouds could be improved,but overall it’s great!

Thank you Stuntkoala for your comment ! To be honest, I’ve never used the compositor before, and I don’t feel ready to touch it, it’s too confusing to me.
Concerning the sampling, it was set to 5000 samples, and yet the noise still there.

very good work
You should improve a little light watch this tutorial abut lighting her :

Thanks HolyCG !
I used a background image for the clouds, how can I improve them ?

Thank you isshak !

Your Welcome!
You can see Andrew Price’s tutorial on how to create clouds!
Here’s the link: