Airplane Animation

Hello! Here is a quick little project I did that I thought I’d share.

Open Color IO Workflow

A simple breakdown.

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Congratulations, it’s awesome!

Thank you!

Great job! The heat waves around the engines are a nice touch! :+1:

Thank you! Glad you noticed. It’s those little things that help make it.

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I agree completely, could be filmed!
How did you make those heat waves, if I may ask?

Thank you.
I made the heat waves in After Effects simply because it was a really quick solution. I could have done them in Blender though, in the Compositor, I would have used the Displace node with a Distorted noise procedural texture and then comp it back over the main render.

Interesting, I might have to try that one day. Thanks!

Simple breakdown added.

I added an alternate version with Open Color IO workflow add. Working in linear color space, with Open Color IO, gives a more natural look to the way light interacts with the image. For this animation it is particularly noticeable when the airplane crosses in front of the sun, it wraps around the fuselage more naturally.