Airplane body not smooth

I have cut holes for windows on my airplane body and add bevels and put loop cut to get the edges sharp.
The body don’t look smoth between the windows. I try with both Smoth, Subdivisions and Edge Split but I still have bubbles on the body.
How can I solv this. Do you know, let me know.
Thanks in advance.

Are you talking about the the area inside the windows?
Just turn up sub-surf modifier level. Level 3 is good, 4 gives an even better result.

Thanks for your reply.
No, I Talking about the area above and between the upper windows. I want it to be straight , but as you see , it is uneven and bumpy.

Ohhh okay. It seems like the way the topography is falling causes these bends to pop out or something. I tried and it’s gotten smoother…

I added a loop cut and then slid it to the edge of the windows. Took the top faces of the windows and slid them down a bit. It quite smooth but the windows are smaller… -_-’
Haven’t figured out how bring back the window size back…

I found a better way! Just take the loop cut vertices which are over the windows and slide them up. Then move them towards the windows along the Y axis a bit. The file: Airplanebody2.blend (411 KB)
You can make out slight bumps but you can tweak around and see what you like.

I’ve noticed the more you move away the loop cut vertices from the windows the more the bumps start to appear again. But if you move the vertices closer to the windows you start getting a defined line. I think manipulating the vertices along the Z-axis and the Y-axis can help balance the area.

Hope it helps!

Hi again.
Yes I try that to, but I got sharp edges in stead.
Next time I try something els.
Thanks for helping.