Airplane Interior Texture

How to make a carpet texture like those in airplanes’ interior?

search the internet for a picture of the design you like, use it directly or recreate it in any paint programm you have

You need to be more specific. Googling for “airplane carpet” brings up so many colours and designs that it’s impossible to advise based on the information give. You could also be talking about anything from a light aircraft to a Jumbo Jet.

Ok,I just thought any normal carpet texture would work too. Thanks Anyway.

  1. Which renderer (BI or Cycles).
  2. How detailed does it need to be. Do you just need something that looks like carpet from a distance (e.g. just a diffuse colour texture), or do you need something with a bump/normal/displacement map that would hold up under closer scrutiny and have some variation in it’s surface texture?
  3. Do you want the carpet to be based on image textures or do you want a purely procedural material.
  4. Do you want actual simulated carpet (e.g. using a hair particle system).

Image based carpet (simplest):

Just use Google image search for a “carpet texture”. Download one you like the look of - then apply it to a plane.

Procedural based carpet (a little more complicated):

Perhaps take a look at this:

Particle based carpet (quite advanced):

Visited the blendswap site,Thank you so much!:slight_smile: