airplane please c+c?

Any constructive criticism how I can improve it make it more believable it will eventually by animated? thank you in advance

there isant verry mutch to comment on. whats the white foam on the back for?

add a front window?

it is supposed to be wearing a nappy, this is just the first stage rendering i plan on adding windows sorry should have mentioned that, thanks for your c+c

does it look like the airplane is wearing a nappy to you at all? what would give it this look? i used particle systems to simulate a cloth texture

it looks like polystirine foam

ok what makes it look like foam what would make it look like a thick cloth nappy?

like in the clouds look

like theres a foam fire extinguisher shooting out the back

can i ask a basic question, why on erth are you putting a nappy on a plain? not like its going to dump everywere!

because its a baby plane and later will fly next to daddy plane

Model a nappy as a mesh - Nappies are not made out of particles in the real world, so don’t make them that way in a virtual one!

(Nearer the end of your process, if the nappy’s terry toweling, you can use particles to give the mesh a furry appearance, but leave that till later!)

It’s a bit realistic looking for a caricature if that’s what you’re after - Make the “head” a little rounder on top and add some nice big eyes!

the nappy was a mesh then i added the particles to make it look fluffy here is a pic without particles hmm so now of course it just looks like a giant white blob need to re model me thinks

try a bump map or something

I would suggest you try to model the seams of the nappy. make the tail stick out like legs in the nappy, it can have a loose fit doesnt have to be so snug. maybe model a safety pin too. Since this is a cartoony plane, would have been better if you did a sketch first.