I have no idea what to make. So I ask you. I’m still a beginner and not so good (read as: really bad) in organic things. But do you know anything I could make and learn something from? Thanks in advance!

Well, there are some things, that are especially good for beginners, if you have enough patience to finish them. Basically, I would suggest something, that you have a bluepring of, since it is really hard to do things from imagination, you’ll propably first have to creep, before you’ll learn to walk, so one thing, you may try is a vehicle (car, plane, weapon, something like that). You may also try to model something, you may touch, something that is floating around in your room, on your desk or whatever. The own computer is some often used object. Or you may try to draw something like a spaceship by hand, front, side and top view would be needed, but if you may manage to do it properly, it would work as well.

I personally started with a Mech, one that I had a miniature of, so I could take some shots and watch it everytime, I was unsure about the shape. It turned out well, but I still haveto finish the animation, I planned. My second model, that I’m on now, is a Car. I learned alot about face planning and realistic car modelling from it and got a fealing for rounded shapes. I’ve choosen a Lotus Elise, what was the worst choice at all, because it seems like it is one of the most difficult cars to model (many concave parts, some not visible on any blueprint,… I’ll finish it, but I would not suggest sports cars like Porsche or Lotus to beginners. Ferrari, Mercedes, Dodge or lamborgini should quiet turn out well, If you really want to try, since they are not that dalling.

In the end, it is your decision, choose something, that is well documented or that you are really familar with.

What the heck… There is something going wrong here… Mods, please delete this post, my last one turned out twice.

I have got plenty of time. I already made some things but they where done much to quickly… I think I’ll make some sort of airplane. What do you think about my other things btw.?

(The glass is a bit hard to see since it has a transparent background).


Made the wings, they do fit on the blueprints, but don’t look like wings, still have to do some work on that.


Look more closely at the blueprints. Where your wings sort of bubble up, the blueprints are coming straight out. That’s not to say they look bad, they just don’t look quite like the ones on the blueprints. Good start.

I like your oil barrel by the way, I really have 0 texturing ability (havn’t spent much time on it either though, but whatever) and it doesn’t look bad at all textured like that.

Keep blending.

Indeed, while I was posting the picture I noticed it myself.

So I made them better and started on the hull, which isn’t easy either…


I made a really quick model of a comic aeroplane, and I think it looks better, maybe I should go the comic way: easy… I will finish the other one though.


hm I am having the same problem, but i had made already made parts of my home in POVray and tried to make a female body with blender but it endeed in a mess comlpetly loosing proportions. Cause the only blueprints i got therefore where fotos taken diagonaly upwards where person is on a platform meaning a gogo cage. - maybe whorthy a own thread


But: How do you “subsurf” only a small part of an object?"
Or, in other words, how do you make a new object out of a selected group of vertices? (If this is even possible)

With the “P” key

That’s easy :). Thanks!

Done somethings on my comic plane:


Well, at first, some crit to your patience: Don’t try this or that, like Joda said, don’t try, do it :slight_smile: . The art of 3D modelling is the art of patience, from the start to the finished scene, don’t loose it. You may play around, but finish your main work. If you decided to make the airplane, you posted, finish it. You’ll learn much more, if you get into higher levels of modelling, the basic shape is only one thing.

Some crit on your workflow: Don’t try to model with subsurfs turned on, if you use blueprints. Place vertices on important places, use the mirroring modifier to not do the same work twice and place vertices between the points, you already figured out, are right. Use subdivide to create new vertices, since they will be created between the important points and thats normally where you want them to have, even if you’ll have to move them into one or even two directions. Don’t create useless vertices, they will destroy your mostly rounded shape on turning on subsurfs. If you got the mayor points, turn on subsurfs for a test and watch the subsurfed model on your blueprints. If it does not fit, selectively create new vertices to correct this, without having subsurfs turned on!

And some crit to your single prop. plane: I think, you got a good start, but watch the blueprints, there the wings are flat (round for sure, but not in the way you did the upper parts). Fix it, turn of the subsurfs and model a part of the body. Don’t do everything in one object, use one object for the engine, one for the prop., and so on. In real, they aren’t one too, everything is assabled and if they fit together well, you’ll have some slight cutline, that will give your model some way of additional realism.

Thats it for now, use your time, but use it wise.

Good luck.

I’ve got an object for the wings, the tailwings, and the hull (for as far as it is). I’ll try without subsurf. But you’re right. Thanks for all the crits!

EDIT: Oops, not try, DO!

This is a new wing, without subsurf (as you can see it isn’t ready, not in a long range). Better?


Now it fits on every blueprint, not subsurfaced though…


The wing looks better.
However, you don’t really need
all the edges like that.

Here look at this.
Scroll down the the picture that shows the wing.
Look how the green lines are.
Try that out.

This one is a good start, it looks much better, but ever try to work as exactly, as you can. There are some vertices a little missplaced, what results in small bucklings on subsurfing your model. Try to line them up a bit, so they all in all build a slightly rounded shape. For subsurfing use level 2 in object mode, level 3 for renderings and turn it off in edit mode.

There is something, you might have missed, if you watch the joint points of the wings on the blueprint. They go rounded under the body. As well, your most down left horizontal vertice does quiet not fit into the curved surface of your blueprint, seems like you will need another loop there. K-Key -> Loopcut is your friend, but keep in mind to correct each resulting point.

And try to use the mirror modifier, so you see, if the other side fits to the blueprint too.

Done some other things. It’s a little high poly, but as long as everything runs smooth on my laptop, I’m happy. Not really satisfied with the hull. And what do you mean with “rounded under the hull?”

And thanks for the wing picture. But I think I will leave them as they are for the moment, I’ll first do the big picture. Eventhough the wings are no details…