What do you think about this image??.. Please give your opinion.


Are you trying to make it look like a real plane or a decorative model that someone might have on their office desk? Right now it deffinatley looks like a decorative model. I like how everything has a smooth flow to it and I really like the materialing.

I value your comment highly.In reality this is lonely a proof.I need details in order to be realist.I consider myself yet amateurish.

Very cool I think it’s got a realism effect to it, agree with Sharper that it looks like a model but a real one! haha good work.

looks great, the overall shape is very nice, and the landing gear looks good.
If your gonna put some more time in, the propeller could use some work. The blades could use some thickness and twist.

That looks good. What are you modelling it for? Any UVs/Paint schemes coming up?

I like the sharky shape of it. It looks very modern and maybe even high performance. The cockpit looks cool set back like that but it would probably throw a real plane off. It kinda’ reminds me of those ocean speedboats.

looks good. some wires would be nice please. also did you accurately model the wings (you know, they’ve gotta be a specific shape). if so can we see a cut-out of that.

looks really good.

Only because of the camera setup / (lack of) surrounding objects / environment.

Otherwise the modelling / texturing / lighting is great … shades of Howard Hughes :wink:


Kinda looks like a combination of the H1, and the GeeBee.

The H1 does have more fuselage behind the cockpit than this model has :

Looks like a sleek Mig3