For midterm in the Hard Surface and Organic modeling class we had to do a airplane model. I did the Fokker DXXI.

I’ll comment on this because I love modeling airplanes. Modeling looks O.K.

  1. Get rid of the black background. Use a sky…anything but black. A sky would be fantastic.
  2. Get rid of the pedistol. I can see your trying, but I dont know what that is…if you really want to set it on something, make it an object the eye can recognize or accept.
  3. Your color is good but work on the textures. It has a over all flat look which tends to bore the eye. Texture/material means many things. If certain parts are shiny are not. If they are bumpy or not. If they reflect colors or light. These things will give it character.
  4. Get rid of those thick lines. It looks like a plane made out of bricks. I can see that some are mesh seperations and others are not. Be carefull with these lines. Dont use them if there not needed.
  5. If this is going to be a still, you have the advantage of seperating meshes to help you control the textures and such.

I dont have the advantage of schooling in blender, but I hope you understand what I mean. Keep up the good work. Cindy

Like the textures especially the worn iron crosses but the prop is to little to pull that big ol plane.

I agree with Cindy, provided what you’re making is meant to look like a real plane as seen in real life. If what you’re doing is meaant to look like a model then what you’ve got is good. You might want to add some more detail to the guns or spinny bit (I’m not aeroplane technical) at the front so they look a bit less like they’re just sticking out of the wing / body. Maybe a little extruding right at the point where the gun intersects the wing would look more like it was meant to be in that position. The modeling side of it is good, so have a look at your lighting and materials. Maybe something a bit more dynamic, at the moment the lighting is a bit flat. And finally, you should make the texture of the plane fit that of the pedestal. Right now you have a higher detailed marble texture with a lower detail plane texture. It tends to make the pedestal look out of place. As far as backgrounds are concerned, Cindy is right saying you shouldn’t use black, but maybe if you had a dynamic gradient it’d look great. Keep it up, it’s some good modeling.

That’s my 2 cents.

absolutely stunning model, nice work!!! love the rusty finish.

The scale looks off to me. The fuselage should be longer, no?