Taking a break from my sci-fi projects and wanted to model an airplane. This is the Anderson-Greenwood AG-14.

Getting the main body roughed out…


Looking great!

Is looking good :slight_smile:
Keep going.

Got some more done on it tonight. Added “rudders”, wheels, antenna, top light, center front light area, back prop assembly.


Closer view of the prop area…

interesting type to choose, good work!

Thanks! I was looking for a small plane and ran across this. When I researched it, it turned out to be a very interesting plane. The prototype was built in 1947 and only 5 production planes were made, all 5 still active today. :slight_smile:

Here’s the best ref pic I could find of the cockpit…I’ve started the basic outline of it and will be creating the details tomorrow!

A nice airplane,
but are you sure, that the wing trailing edge was so rounded? Isn’t it an error?
(There are no wing airfoils like this one … If you do not have a reference picture of this fragment, look into similar flaps in other light airplanes - they seem to have the classic design here).

Hi and thanks! Aye, you’re right…got so wrapped up in trying to get the ridges on it, I need to straighten the body of it out. Thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:

Working on instrument panel detail…

Cockpit instrument panel ready to texture!

Looking great!!! Now for texturing :eyebrowlift:

Finally got back to this thing. I finished the texturing tonight…debating putting rivots on the metal for more realistic look…not sure yet.

One of my favorite planes! Awesome job! :smiley:

The more details you put the better the model :wink:

This looks great :smiley: I would love to see it with a sky background though!

Thanks for all the nice comments! :smiley: Here are some attempts to get some beauty shots. The sky shot is for you Nathan!

excellent model, Did you model from blueprints? :slight_smile: