Airplanes at Blender

Hello Guys,
First off all, sorry about bad english.
I am doing a kind of “Virtual Museum of Airplanes” at Blender 3D.
I have done all the Museum, but i dont have any airplanes.
Do someone have an airplane in the format .blend and can send to me?
I can send nice pictures/screenshots of your airplaine inside of the Museum.
Thanks, and best regards =)
Contact-me by e-mail [email protected]

The blender model repository is where you want to look but unfortunately its down at the moment.

If you have time you can wait for it to come back up, but if not you can post your request in the off topic forum. You may get more willing people there = )

There are also some good free models available on the net, if you are looking for very low polygon air plane models without texture, try search for “VRML airplanes” , there is also, among others, that offer free models.