Airport Interior Cycles

Hi Guys,

I started to model this interior one week ago. The goal is to understand how far I can go with Blender and Cycles in term of rendering. I am using 3ds Max at work and this is a try to enter to the world of open software and linux.
I am thinking to make very clean interior with timber ceilings.

Ideas and advices are welcome.



Some more screen grabs:

Seems like a lot of faces.

Thanks, I’ve just started.
Want to make something like this in terms of quality:

Some more images:


Wow, great start.

Thanks guys

That will be an awesome render.
What is the moirre on the roof/ceiling?
How did you model that? Subsurf?

Nice start man, face counts is getting high :slight_smile: Since it is made by modules, did you think about using arrays and dupliverts to save up memory? link

Yes I am trying to use arrays as much as possible. But I also want to make random textures so I am modelling some parts (ceiling and floor tiles) individually. All chairs were made in separate file and than linked to the master file. But the scene is already very slow, keep using layers for hiding some mesh.

I didn’t know about dupliverts. Thanks Cool staff.

Very nice work. Are you working from reference images or making it up as you go along?

To FloridaJo:
This is timber planks that make up the ceiling.
I made them using Bezier Curve and converting it to mesh.

To dupliverts:
It is my interior design just for fun and learn the blender.

Here is the ref image for the ceiling ))


So I keep working on this but I don’t have a lot of spare time.:frowning:
Made lamps and ceiling for retail spaces and floor tiles


There are a lot of things to do before I’ll start to texture and rendering.

  1. Lamps for the main ceiling
  2. Lamp for the facade system to light the ceiling
  3. Suspension cables for bridges
  4. Furniture for shops
  5. Airplane nose :slight_smile: just to see it in the camera

Hope will finish in two weeks

Hi Guys,

Sorry for a long wait for an update. I almost finish the model and start lighting and texturing.
First question.
As you can see there is a very bright area on the floor and I don’t know how to remove it?
I believe it something wrong with my lights OR it is because I use Fresnel reflections on my material?

My Lights:

  1.   Sun
  2.   Environment with HDRI

Material of the floor:

  1.   Two shaders (diffuse and Glossy)
  2.   Diffuse – texture of tiles
  3.   Glossy – Fresnel reflection 1.5
  4.   Mix shader – 0.5

I want to achieve glossy material for the floor