Airship Cockpit

This is my latest project…
I am working on the cockpit for an arship. This is for the movie Ideality (
If you can, tell me what you think… There are a lot more doodads and gadgets coming, but I thought this was a pretty good basic shape.
Murphy :Z

That is looking very good. I would expect a bit more glass see-through area on the left and right top/bottom though. Or one big glass bottom :slight_smile:

I had a friend by the name of Zorin. That guy loved blimps.

The sharp poly edges in the shadow really take away from the image. And its a bit too monochrome. But other than that I love the atmosphere of this image (no pun intended). One thing that might be nice would be a lense flare or something where the sun comes in the window? But if this is for a movie i guess that will come later.

Sweet! That’s lookin’ pretty cool, dude! I love the feel!

Only thing is, the ceiling kinda starts abruptly… I have a random suggestion.

Now, I’m assuming that the sweeping control panel isn’t done, but when it is, what if you duplicated it, fliped it over (so it was facing down) rearranged some of the pieces (though it probably wouldnt’ need it TOO much), and raised it up so the bottom of it (old top) lined up with the top of the windows? You may have to raise the ceiling a bit, but I think that might help make it look more, I dunno, you know?

Think that might work?

But again, I love what you’ve got goin’ here. Especially the lighting for something you’re still just modelling!

looking great, a bit too empty still but very cool

as mensioned, the edged shadow should be fixed

Very nice. Ideality looks like its going to be good. I would just suggest adding more detail to the panels, because right now they look almost too clean and empty. Other than that, nice pic.