"Airship" in progress

This is a somewhat futuristic “airplane” that’s more like a space ship, but I’m intending it to be atmospheric. It will probably be used with my antiaircraft gun in an animation, if I ever really get around to that.

Don’t have a lot done, but give me some critiques. Particularly about the shape. (it’s cut in half) I already plan on thickening it.


I don’t mean to offend, but it looks more cartoonish than futuristic. Futuristic things are usually sleek with a “fast” look, not bubbly like that.

hovever, if you a going for a cartoonish/cgish look, then its pretty interesting shape is

Can’t make out anytning out of it right now, it needs more details… But, don’t stop, just keep going untill it’s done in your eyes. I’ve never finished a single project… lol, it’s not fun because it’s a bad habbit.

In regards to it’s “bubbly” look, I (personally) don’t see that. I see a helicopter airplane hybrid. It’s not intended to be sleek and fast, but a workhorse vehicle for transport and light combat. I was also designing it with the intention of making something, . . . reasonable. Something fairly realistic, and not fanciful with all kinds of boosters and super plasma whatevers.

That being said, thanks for commenting. I’d like more specific advice, but, it is admittedly hard to judge at this point in it’s development.

And blade, I know exactly what you are talking about. I never, ever, finish anything. And unless I get a new computer, I doubt I’ll finish this.

I’m running off of 733 mHz, 64mb RAM, and 12 gig hard drive.


check out terminators robot planes. they might give you same inspirations about proper sci fi design for airplanes!

i kinda see you model in it!

the light gray engine part is good but does not work together with the bulky rest.

but hey with textures this all might look very different!


With some more detail and textures I think it could look pretty cool. In regrades to your computer I hope you can get a new one so you can finish your projects, but keep working.

Cekhunen- I see what you mean about the engine part. I may exclude it later.

I intend to update later today.

Oh, Weekend Challenge, why have I forsaken you?!

Ok, here’s some slightly updated pics. My computer has frozen and restarted (checking tally) 13 times over the last two days. This project may take awhile . . .

I’ve removed some of the cartoony “bubbly-ish-ness” but haven’t made any changes to the engine section yet. The last pic has a temporary texture.

I still have to work on a cockpit, so stay tuned for that. Still gladly accepting crits. Lose the engine chunk? Lose the dip from the upper profile of the body down to the tail and just level it off? Bigger/smaller wings? Texture suggestions?

P.S. It’s not completely symmetrical right now.

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