Airship interior

This is another backround picture for our point and click adventure Ron Loo. It is captain´s cajute of rather poor cargo sail airship (vetrolet).

Comments and crits welcome, especially on lightin setup:)

That’s very very nice… The lighting setup is well done, the only problem I could forsee with that would be that the character isn’t going to be affected by it and it could look strange.

What point & click engine are you using?

Looks great! I would make the shadows softer…


whens this game coming out?

Character will be affected by it- well, not an 3D but engine allows us to make character darker in darker areas and lighter in light ones. We can also affect him with something like fog and this function with low value should be able to simulate affecting by those halo rays:)

We use AGDS, the same engine Black Mirror uses, we are second develeper team of same company (Future Games) :slight_smile:

I like it just the way it is - nice wood textures and elegant lighting - good work.


nice work (as always). It work on the pilers a bit but keep the lighting as it is. Or maybe it would cool to turn on this lamp, but that would probably be silly on a bright sunny day like this.

This will be one hell of game your making!


Well, this is supposed to evening time on sunset :frowning: But I can´t turn that lamp on either, as game character brokes in when no one is there to have it lighted:)

the character would look wierd, but i think that the good modeling will make up for it

Looks really good!!!

For crits, well if I were to nit-pick, I’d say that the top of the desk is too well light, based on how the light rays seem to be falling through the window, there should be some more shadow at the side of the desk closest to the wall. Outside of the light, there’s something about the steps that don’t look quite right. For a ship it strikes me as being too beveled, and regular. (and perhaps too much spec? It almost looks waxed)

its great, I don’t think it needs any improvements.

good work


When there’s no further excuses to add light-sources, but you need more light, that’s a good place to use ambient lighting. It simply brightens up the picture a little. And it does so evenly.

When you look at your picture, you’re probably using pretty expensive gear, properly calibrated. But when your game hits the user’s machine there’s just no telling how his Gamma might be set, or how old the monitor is. If “the photo is basically under-exposed,” it’s gonna look the part.

The human eye reacts more to contrast than actual light levels. For example, right now the text area where I am typing looks like solid white text on a solid black background surrounded by a tan color. But if I turn off my monitor, the whole screen reveals itself to be … gray. So you can increase the lighting evenly and still preserve the somber lighting-effect.

I think it’s also a good idea for a game designer to choose and to actually formalize what the various gamma levels in the game scenes will be. “The dimmest light level in a ‘night’ scene will be #444444; the dimmest light level by ‘day’ is #AAAAAA.” Or whatever. Then as you look at the various backdrops throughout the game, they all look consistent. And none of them appear over- or under-exposed. (Ever watched a movie and thought, ‘this scene was done by the first unit, while that was done by the second unit?’)

Although there is obviously no “real film” here, we are still dealing with the peculiarities of additive colors on an illuminated screen, and the eye’s reactions to them. Ansel Adams’ definitive work on The Zone System of large-format photography is still relevant, even to computer graphics. imho…

Nice! The only thing that bothers me is that the outside looks kinda dark through the window…

Actually I use rather cheap , low end AOC monitor calibrated with one of the calibration pictures you´ll find on internet and the reason is to work on monitor with parameters most people use. And I saw my pictures on many home PC monitors to ensure they are not too bright or too dark. If you see it too dark, you have either really old monitor or you have brightnes tuned low. Nevertheless, our game engine have option to adjust gamma :slight_smile: