Ak-47 project

Ive been using blender for about a year now. This is my first project ive done without any sort of tutorial. Im not really a gun person, but i figured it would be fun to learn while modeling.

The gun is still in its early stages, but here’s what i have so far. Any feedback is welcome, enjoy!

The base mesh, no details

A few added details

The “almost complete” iron sights



The best free model of AK-47, I’ve found.
It will be very helpful for you.

Good job, go on…:eyebrowlift:


I need some help with texturing, cause im not happy with this result. Any ideas?

it looks like you need a better/higher res texture for the metal.

Do you know where i can get a good one?

cgtextures.com? If you know how to create seamless textures then this is your n° 1 site, I swear xD