Ak-47 Type Modeling Project Help!

I want to model a military rifle resembling a Ak-47. I want to make it a little heavier/stronger and I want to add like a flashlight on it. Any way where to biggin? Are there any tutorials for making a rifle? I can find reference images easily but still…any tutorials?

I need help please post

Really need help [!]

Not really a good modeller myself, but…I’d suggest getting a nice side view of the gun, then use Curves to trace the outline (or parts of it). Then rely on other reference materials to extrude it and add details.

Blueprints make wonderful reference materials. And www.suurland.com has plenty. Lazy to check if they’ve got guns though…

[Edit]Sorry, but the website doesn’t seem to have gun blueprints. Google it then!

And don’t forget to use symmetrical modelling. It makes life easier. :smiley:

For pictures…


(lots of good views, from different angles)

maybe watch these videos for help modelling the weapon.

Hope this helps.

thanks bobson the referance images will help alot! I think I may do a sniper rifle of some sort. We will see…

Any other good tuts or anything?