This is my latest project. I haven’t gotten round to properly detailing the metal areas, but apart from that it is finished. Here is the render, as well as the cheesy photoshopped version. Any C & C is welcome.


I used to have one of these hanging on my wall when I was at Bien Hoa. This looks just like it. Good job.
Keep up the good work.

The clip might be a bit to fat though…

no thats about correct I think, umm are you sure its supposed to be black?

The Clip should be the right size as I modelled from a reference image. I think it may be the angle it is at. And no, it should be a dark metal colour. That may be because of the lighting. I’ll adjust it when I get home.

The clip does look a bit large to me. Maybe it’s just the background; it might be a bit too dark