Decided to make something cool guys. So i made an AK-47. Well I want to note that I modeled it in modo, exported it to blender and did some texture painting(indeed, for the very first time) and finally rendered it with cycles with a little bit of post production with the compositor. Only at the end i realized that if i have modeled it in blender, it would have been a lot faster and cleaner. But anyway here is the render.

Please give some criticism guys for improving the render especially on the texturing and rendering side.

Really nice job here :slight_smile: whats the other side look like? You could carve into the model in the slide area and make it more 3D
-It might be the angle but looks like the butt could be a little longer.
-You could make part of the trigger handle wooden as well.

The wood is really nice, do you have a source to the texture? The metal looks quite worn, but the wood seems quite new. Also a bit of edge wear on the metal:

Other than that the model is very good and the texturing you’ve got so far is very nice.

Thanx Scarsz,

I tried adding some edge wear but , doing it with a mouse is kind of very tedious, so I dropped that idea. I basically just do modelling all day. So this is the first time I have ever textured a model and I am quite unfamiliar with texturing side of things. Over the past couple of weeks, I forced myself to do texturing. So may be in next few weeks, I may come up with some edge wearing and such. Anyway thanks for your criticism,Scarsz…

I’m not experienced enough to criticize this but I can only say that it looks great to me.

Good textures!

great modeling, lighting, this is basically a finished product except for the fact that there is no were/tear on the textures.

I tried adding some edge wear but , doing it with a mouse is kind of very tedious

Yeah, I found that too. You could try this http://www.blenderartist.org/forum/showthread.php?291104-AddOn-Create-Worn-Edges-Map.


The textures are flat and non glossy. A properly maintained gun is glossy.

The sights - at the very front of the muzzle - are far too high. They are supposed to be almost level with the top of the gun, not placed in such a way that the head is half a foot away from the gun barrel. The way you have it would give terrible accuracy in real life.

Other than not its okay

The wood looks great. The rest of the gun looks like it was created in an injection mold and is a single piece of plastic.

Add a little bit of rust and grime. That is how AK-47s look.

Looks good, but there doesn’t appear to be a rear sight or charging handle. The magazine is too rectangular, and might even be too thick. The metal should probably be a bit glossier, it looks a little like rock right now.