Ak! Help!

I am doing the smoke tutorial in BAM #16 issue and set my particle vis to Billboard. Now, when I render it, each particle is squares! How do I make only the smoke visible?


There are a number of things it could be.
Make sure ZTransp is set.
Alpha should be set to 0.
The texture you are using for alpha needs to be black at the edges.
Make sure no extra textures are affecting the alpha.
Make sure you are using UVs and the mapping is set up right.

To test some of these problems you can have only your alpha texture active and have it map to color. Then you should see a bunch of squares that are black with a white blob in the middle.

I’ve done all of those already. nothing happens :frowning:

I, myself it this problem tonight…When you add your Smoke_Mask texture channel and select your Smoke_Mask image, the most recent release as of this writing (2.49b) automatically toggles “UseAlpha” under the Map Image tab. If you untoggle it, you no longer get the squares…As long as you follow the rest of the tutorial’s instructions. :slight_smile: