This is my latest WIP, an AK47. The wood is multiple layers of Blender wood grain and noise.



Nah, if You’re going for a photorealistic look, You’re gonna have to use images anyway. I assume You’re not done on the metal yet? (Looks like rubberplastic).

The model’s pretty good though. Keep up!

models good just needs better texture if you want it realalistic.

Good so far, obviously needs more detail and texturing. Otherwise I see nothing wrong with it.

I put a real wood img texture on it with some noise and a metal img texture.



Is that the “shorty” version? the barrel doesn’t seem long enough - but I’m going from memory here. :slight_smile: Also, isn’t the safety on that side?

Nope, thats the regular AK47.

The selector switch on on the other side of the gun.


Update: Added some more details and a new metal texture.


Looks good, except the rear ring for the sling/strap, which doesn’t appear to be physically attached to the gun.

The wood pattern on the stock should run the direction of the stock (i.e. slanted a bit), not straight left and right. The wood on the handle doesn’t look right either.

The front end of the magazine (clip) isn’t round, it’s got some lumps.

Otherwise it looks good. I look forward to the finished product.

I noticed the wood grain too. Is there a way to angle it downward? Ill try to round off the bottom of the mag aswell.


Don’t know about the wood. For the mag, I meant the side opposide the firer, not the bottom. You can see the straight edges.

The wood’s gonna require UV mapping, I’m afraid, it just doesn’t look mapped correctly. And the metal still looks somewhat plastic… try lowering the hardness, increasing spec, I dunno…
Sorry I keep posting negative crits, but the model’s looking really good and I wouldn’t leave it this way :slight_smile:

AHh… yep - looking like a really good model. :slight_smile:

Newest Update:
Fixed the wood grain on the stock and the grip. The all go the right direction.



Well, well, well. It’s really good now. The texture on the small handle is off this time, but I don’t think that’s a very important detail. I’m still not sure about the metal but it might be just me.
A very good pic! You could add some surroundings and post it in the “finished” forum. Thumbs up!

EDIT: it’s still a bit untrue to the original though. You could think abput placing creases on some details, they look too smooth. And the back handle isn’t full wood on the photo.

Pretty much finished.



Looks very good. The metal still looks a little like plastic, and some places on the gun(metal parts) are too round, especially in the mid section.

The magazine is still bad. You can see the straight edges where it’s supposed to be round. I think it should also come down a bit lower. Otherwise it looks good.