Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Here’s a little project, took me about a week to complete. I could’ve kept it up for a little while to push it further, but the point was made for me : I wanted to experience the extensive use of the arrays, curves and mirror modifiers (among some other tools I used, like Wirefram, the particles for the trees, and some BlenderGuru tips for the water). Anyway, it was kind of an experimental project, and after some Photoshop post-processing it is now done and ready to be presented !

I hope you like it, I’d love to get your feed back on this one, to always keep improving myself in this art.
Thanks in advance,
Cheers :smiley:

Ah, I recognise this! I was there last year while attending a conference in Kobe :slight_smile:

The composition in these shots though feels a bit off:

  • In the first one, it feels like the left side is a bit cropped off (and missing something)
  • In the second one, it would be even better if you left a bit more water in the frame at the bottom (~1 inch or so)

Thanks for the feedback !
I know what you mean for both of them. But man, composing with a bridge (an entire, huge bridge) was a total nightmare. But yeah, as you said, comps could’ve been better :confused:

The water looks a little strange, but other than that its amazing! great job

Thank you :slight_smile:
The water was challenging, it’s something I’ll try to improve…