AKG Q701 Headphones

Hello guys,

Here is my first reasonable cycles rendering, the AKG Q701 Headphones.

I was inspired by the Blender Cookie tutorial"Rendering Realistic Headphones in Blender Cycles"
Modeled and rendered in Blender 2.62 RC2
Rendered in about 20 Minutes for 4096 samples
for the image size 2048x900px on two GTX 460 2GB

for comparison the old versions ->

Compliments and criticism are welcomed.


Nicely done, I like the changes you have made :slight_smile:

Pretty sweet! How did you get the brushed metal look?

The brushed metal was a simple texture i made with gimp.

really nice!.. now that looks realistic:)

lol I have a white pair of these as my desktop, google white headphones and you’ll see the image I use.

Good job on these, the only minor niggles for me are where the lead enters the headphones, that plastic cage is too thin and flimsy IMO and the 1/4" jack adapter could be shinier.
Also a proper reflection would be great too. Good stuff though, love the metal too :wink:

Hello LCG

Thanks for the hint :wink:
I have updated my Image