Akko - little witch academia 2d -> 3d

This post is just a copy from another, polish site. So i will just post some steps in creation of it. Main target is creation of 3d model which looks exactly, like it’s animeversion.


latest version

kind of a problem cause not all 2D view might be realist and using one 3D model might not reproduce all the same 2D effects in view
it is looking good anyway

nice work here

happy bl

Yup. Actually the hardest part is to make her look good, from all angles. Because she looks weir from few. And also I changed some body parts, (One leg and hand), because otherwise it would be too large/ weird looking. As reference material I’m using this artwork:

Uploaded to sketchfab with some minor changes. but still unfinished. So I will not share it yet.

I had huge break because of work and vacation. this model is non-optimised, and polycount is huge as hell. But linearts are smooth, and fluid. Looks like drawing. It’s not the best model, but i learnt a lot thanks it.

Oh nice! Where did you learn this technique from? I love it.

Looks super nice !

There’s a lot of tutorials, how to create cartoon-like effect. I prefer single-shaded mesh over post processing filters- because you can control it’s thinckness at any point. I

It looks pretty cool.

This is incredible! Solid work!