akm assault rifle

Hello everyone!

As the title suggests the following images present my model of akm assault rifle. You may very well be aware of the fact that there have been quite a few ak projects already but I still hope to make this one special as soon as I manage to get the modeling part to the end. As you can see this is a work in progress and ther are still a few main parts missing let alone all the springs bolts and rivets. My aim is to model the rifle with outmost precision and I hope I have done well thus far.

Take a look at the images. If you like it, you may give me some encouragement since I have found it difficult to focus my entire attention on the project recently.

wow…very detailed, i dont know much about the AKM specifically but from what i can see your parts appear to be very accurate and very well modeled, easily one of the best gun projects I have ever seen

The problem with ak’s is that there have been quite a few variations and since its impossible to get blueprints for each and every part of the weapon, its quite hard to recostruct the weapon from very often low quality images of parts from its different types.

ah makes sense, if there is a local gun shop that had one you could go in explain you are doing a school project and ask if you could take pictures of an AKM broken down…granted it most likely would be a semi automatic version but there should be only slight differances

Here in Poland its difficult to get around a gun like a pistol let alone an assault rifle. Besides even if it was possible I do no thtink any gunshop owner would take apart the entire gun just for me to take pictures nad many of the parts are riveted together disallowing complete disassembly. So I will continue doing it the hard way and when I am more or less done with all the parts I’ll just have to fine tune the modelling so that everything fits ideally.

ah, well would be worth a try if you had a gun shop that might have one, but yeah in poland i doubt anyone would have one sitting around

but either way its very good!

I have moved on a little with my project.
AKM bolt images and a short animation.

Probably few people are interested in this project but still here are a few more images.