Akuma - LOT Boss

For those of you who remember this thread:

He is now complete.

I created all textures myself.
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For those of you who missed it, he is a boss in Legacy of taro, and like all of the other bosses he is tied VERY tightly to the story, so there are no “random” bosses. :smiley:

I’m planning on making the blades a bit darker, but other than that, he’s finished. :slight_smile:
C&C Welcome

Nicely done for low poly. Texturing is great on the shoulder armour and the head and hat.

Maybe add a slight cloth texture to the clothes though. Will give it more I think.


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Thanks for the replies!
BgDM: Thanks! What would you suggest for the cloth, though?
tedi: huh?

Nice for a game character :slight_smile:

Well i have been waiting to see how this turned out and it looks like you have done quite well!

I really like the glowing eyes!

Good work!

Thanks! :smiley: