Akuyandi model showcase


(Pierrick PICAUT) #1

Here are some picture taken from the trailer I’ve made for the game Noara.
More to come very soon…

Sculpted in Blender and Zbrush, retopo and Uvs in Blender, texturing in substance painter.

(Member) #2

Awesome work man,

(Pierrick PICAUT) #3

Thanks :slight_smile: I will post the trailer soon :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured! :+1:

(Pierrick PICAUT) #5

Hi Bart,

Thanks for that.

(alf0) #6

thats really some amazing stuff!!!

(Itza) #7

The characer is great, but the trailer is awesome !
I saw the french interview you did for 3dvf, you made an impressive work! All this work you’ve done on eeve, on still instable 2.8, all by yourself… congratulation!

(Pierrick PICAUT) #8

Thanks. that was indeed quite of a challenge :smiley:

(Bohdan Lvov) #9

really EPIC work, well done!

(qomolangma) #14

great works

(rombout) #15

My favorite character i think

(buzzkirill) #16

Looks amazing, man. Really high-quality stuff. Did you actually use Blender for sculpting? Or is the main sculpt done primarily in Z?

(Pierrick PICAUT) #17

I don’t really use blender anymore for sculpting. Even if it’s a great tool and I’ve spent years sculpting with it, I can’t deny that Zbrush is way more handy and powerfull so I know sculpt in Zbrush 90% of the time.