Aladdin [Game model]

Hello I have been working on this aladdin model for awhile now, and I need some C&C. There are some things I don’t like about it, I don’t know what it is. What do you think? Tell me what I shall improve. Here are some screens…and I’l add a head xD

Wire - poly count 1137


In the game engine

It looks good, but the pants look a bit too big compared to the waist.

I don’t think the legs are too long - it looks good - characters don’t have to be very realistically rendered in order for them to be awesome

Thanks but isn’t there anything to improve?:confused:

there’s tons to improve, it would take longer to explain it than to just rebuild it.
Just redo it a few times.
Look at other people’s models, research some topology and anatomy. You have way to many vertex and they’re not doing anything usefull for the model.

pretends to ignore previous comment I would recommend making the bottom of the pants fold down instead of puffing out. Right now they are smooth and the bulge is above the ankles. Try making the bulge below the ankle and have the pants go back up to meet the ankle.

Thanks for that freaky dude, I realised that there were too many verticles. I tried to use the decimate modifier but there was a error message. If you could take a look I would be grateful. try to use the decimate modifier and see for yourself. It’s out of this world…!!!:eek:
felt like making aladdins lamp xD