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Today’s Sculpt - Female Nude/Blender/Dynamic Topology.


Good attempt, however the proportions are way off. Torso to long/legs to short. Neck is really thick for a female figure of her size. The head…well…honestly it looks like she has Down Syndrome.

Lol…wow…thanks for the complete bashing of my model. I’m not a harsh critic of peoples work I believe in saying positive comments but in my defense there are all different types of human proportions and there is no perfect proportions…People come in all different sizes and shapes. Everything is relative.

Please don’t take my critic too negatively ;). I don’t believe that it helps the learning process by misleading you to believe that everything is ok. Most artist that post are looking for critique to help improve their skills(myself included).

You are absolutely correct in stating that there are all types of human bodies. However you can’t use that idea as crutch to explain bad proportions. Our bodies no matter how different still follow a set of basic proportional rules. Once you have these down pack it will be easier to exaggerate on these proportions to create unique characters.

Lol…dude “honestly it looks like she has Down Syndrome”…don’t take that negatively…are you serious!! “Good attempt” like your all pro…dude i guess you have perfect proportions I assume…loI. com on bro…give it a rest!..I don’t need your critics…I see most of your critics as rude and mean on other peoples posts…There’s a fine line between giving a positive critic and just coming out being a cocky know it all…keep your critics to yourself dude…If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything!! I’m progressing at my own pace.

I suggest you take a look in some human anatomy books. Proportions of your model are really off. If this model is meant to represent a HUMAN female, then you really need to rework it. If it’s kinda sci-fi / fantasy character (mutant) then you can keep it like that. And don’t get angry at people trying to help you. Cheers, mate!

Hey Revo…it’s a work in progress…that means i’m still working on it which means it’s not done yet. It’s not like it’s a finished model…it’s not what he said…it’s how he said it. Like I said again I get CC’s that are actually helpful and some come off downright rude. In my personal opinion it was rude. As far as being angry…not even close…I’m a happy go lucky guy and usually if i’m looking at someones model…I see what beautiful art it is…for what it is…with no judgement…you call it critic/help. I will usually say what I like about it and keep critics to myself…but that is just me…I can’t be like everybody else…Cheers mate!

he may be rude but i’m afraid he’s right
I’m not saying you should create a perfect cat walk quality fashion model, but you should really consider the common human proportion unless you want to create a human model with a background full of sicknesses, injuries and diet problem

Ssendam…what is the common human proportions? school me… how’s about I lend you my model and show me how you would fix it? so I can see the comparison…prove to me that you can do what you are saying so I can believe you have merit to critic anyone. Are you up for the challenge Ssendam? Or better yet do you have any sculpts showing common human proportion that I can learn from you?

The average human is proportional to the height of their head. This holds true in almost all cases. The average human’s torso should be 3 heads long, and the legs should be 4 heads long. Characters tend to look strange when this isn’t followed. That’s why people are saying your proportions are off. Your character appears to be flipped. Her torso looks 4 heads long, and the legs only three.

You can google “human proportions head rule” and get some very good material on how to properly proportion your character.

Sorry, I’ll only tell you how great everything looks going forward. Regardless of the truth.

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The hips and breasts should be pulled up. The feet could be bigger and the ankles could be wider. Hands need serious work.
Those are the main problems. Other than that the model seems fairly decent. The face is alright. It could be tweak to look more female but it’s good for now.

I don’t think you should be so negative. All the critique here is good. Instead of acting like you’re the best and only you know what you are doing you should just listen to the people trying to help you.

Hey Slim turtle you don’t have to apologize to me because I never asked you for your rudeness. I never said you were wrong I said you were rude… and TheNewguy it’s a work in progress that means i’m still working on it which means it’s not done yet…man this can only happen online…in real life, people don’t just come to you and blurt out a laundry list of things wrong before at least introducing yourself first…(ok maybe in cases they do. it’s a crazy world). I’m just a 47 year old golf Instructor/family man with a beautiful wife and daughter…I’m no professional 3d artist…I do this for fun…it’s a hobby. For you to say I’m acting like i’m the best…lol Are you saying I can’t speak my mind back to you or anyone for that matter…you seem to speak your mind without considering other people’s feelings so I will do the same. I didn’t use any reference for this scuplt…this was a freehand sculpt…I will check anatomy references photos and compare my results and do my fixes…nothing a move tool or inflate/deflate can’t fix. Next time I will copy a reference before posting in a WIP thread…lesson learned…lol.

Thank you the Maestro for the critique. I agree with all your advice and I like how you said it with instruction and purpose…Like I said it was not what was said…it was how he said it. One person said the head was fine and another said the head was not to his liking…oh well…who should I listen to… Everyone perceives things differently and it’s a matter of opinion and perspective in some cases not all but some…I basically wanted to see what I could do with a freestyle sculpt without looking at references…I looked at my anatomy books ( I do have anatomy books and references) after the fact and realized the necessary changes that I needed to make…and I enjoy that process…it’s fun…but it wasn’t that bad for a 2 hour freehand with no references…the proportions was a little off but hey no biggie…it can be easily fixed… Don’t get me wrong I just didn’t appreciate how it was said in the first comment without knowing my initial intent by sculpting blind with no references. I like to make mistakes freely and then go back and review and fix…but I guess by posting…everyone has free rein to say whatever they want and I have no control over that…lesson learned.