Alarm Clock - Needless Things X

Good day, everybody :slight_smile:

I present another item in my series of needless things.
This time it is an alarm clock - obviously with some
minor modifications. I hope you like it.

I reduced the image size for the thread, but I also
have a version with higher resolution. For the film grain
in post processing I used a very good grain texture,
which is generously provided by Drenton on Deviant Art.

Some more details.

I love your series “needless things”. Very creative.

But this is one thing we all need :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, bigbad. I see your point … especially in the mornings we could need it:)

Where do I order? Great job minoribus!

I really like these macro renders you did. Another creatively great, but truly needless thing is finished :slight_smile:

gr8! and harleynut, thank you very much, you are too kind :slight_smile:

Hi minoribus

Wonderful again from one of Blenders material masters.


Such incredible textures, I feel like I can touch it! Beautiful work!!

great work minobirus!

I like the close shots on your image, and the story telling, the idea of the bell of the clock have a gum material is the cause the gnome continue sleeping and lose the notion of time ?

Thanks for your comments, Shaun, comeinandburn and joseperez. Much appreciated. I’m glad that you like the materials and textures, because the creation of textures and materials for this item was huge fun for me.

If my little creation is telling you something, joseperez, it is a great compliment for me. And I surely had something like you said in mind when I added the gnome. But I will leave every other aspect of potential storytelling to the viewer :wink:

And many thanks for the stars, guys. These will make my day :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is done in other parts of the world or not, but when the little children here in South Africa go to school for the 1st couple of years and if they do well in class they get a gold star on their forehead and are very excited and proud when they get home to show this to you.

So minoribus you got 5 gold stars on your forehead, you should feel very proud. ( even as a grown up :smiley: )


Thanks a lot, Shaun. It’s not common here in Germany, but it is a nice practice.

Here are some compiled screens taken from saved versions of the gnome during the process of sculpting.