Alarm clock Scene

I’m working on an animation, a little something to do in my spare time, something I’m not gonna rush and make it look really pretty. Right now I am working on the ‘intro’ the classic alarm clock going off. Here is the link to the file:

A little about this project: It isn’t for realism, this project is more changing stuff (shadow color) to ‘play’ with the viewer’s interpretation, but still keeping it semi-realistic. An example is the shadows, they are brown-ish to add some feeling of dark still, but not completely. some notes would be that outside the window there will be trees and a skyline, but those are still to come, and when Those are done, the lighting coming in the window will likely change.

Well, I think that the top of the table is a little too dark, especially compared to the floor (even the the part of the floor that’s in total darkness looks lighter).