Alarm Clock

Finished another one today and would like some feedback


looks good. now model the inside!

I would love to do that but I’ll need to buy an alarm clock to tear apart.

I’d make it a little less reflective, dull it down (just a bit) something about it looks not right.

Toned down the reflectiveness some and also went for a more brassy look.


The model looks great! You just need to tweak the lighting/render setup to make it look a little less cg…

I think it’s great, just it maybe looks a little wierdbecause there is nothing to reflect… try adding some (6 - an inverted cube) planes with image textures of the inside of a room (shadeless textures) - that should give it some nice realism… nice model though wow.

I definitly prefer the brass look to the gold. Do you have AO turned on?

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wow bobkerry that was very random… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for not replying for so long. Windows had crashed too many times while modeling. So I’ve been busy setting up a dual boot of windows 7 and Linux. I’ll hopefully post some more tweaks and details once I get it all set up. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions so far!:wink:

And no AO was not on for that render. A lot of the render pass options kept crashing Windows7 64bit.

yeah, this looks like a pretty decent model, you should add some metal textures (pure flat color with reflection doesn’t quite look real) and a suitable studio or room interior lighting setup to get a decent render.

Yeah, I’m working on texturing it with realistic metal textures, but, getting a model to unwrap properly is my weakness so it’s taking me a while to get it to unwrap.