Alarm Clock

Hi all! My first thread in the ‘Finished Projects’ forum. I’m glad I’ve been able to come this far.

Render: Image of a classic alarm clock. Monkey thrown in just to keep the clock company and add some colour to the image! Pics of original model are posted below the render. Click on images to view high-res versions.


Uploaded with


History: The model shown above is of my Dad’s clock that’s been on my desk for over 8 years now. He bought it in 1985 (I was 2 years old then :slight_smile: ). The spring gave up twice over the last 8 years and each time it cost me a decent sum to get it fixed. Hard to let it go! Gains 5 mins everyday and needs to be wound once every 30 hrs.

I have to say there has been significant amount of learning with this model. Some of the takeaways are:

  • How exponent and specularity are used in Lux (This video from BlenderGuru has been of immense help!)
  • How to use HDRI maps with Lux (Same video as above)
  • UV Mapping in Lux is different from Blender (This alone took a couple of days to figure out. It’s very confusing esp since Luxrender takes so much time to render a decent recognisable image of the model)
  • Bump Mapping in Lux is different from Blender (The bump map works in Blender Internal, but not in Lux. I’ve sort of given up on getting this to work on Lux)
  • Creating an image in GIMP is not easy. Editing photos is one thing, creating images is very difficult. I tried very hard to create 60 lines radially inward in a circular manner along the outer periphery to denote the minutes, but just couldn’t figure out how to do it.
  • Never again try to render 2560x1920 image unless I’m getting paid for it. These 2 images took well over 30 hrs to render on my $500 Acer laptop. The image of the front actually turned out to have an error, so I had to render it again. Hence it’s not exactly production quality, only rendered for 12 hours. You can see grain in the rear view as well. It is still rendering as I post this. I’ll try to update the images with better quality ones after they’ve rendered a bit.

Edit: Updated the front view of the image after it has rendered for 30+ hours.

It looks great! I think the silver could look a little older, though, it looks brand new :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! You’re right about the shiny part, but I wanted a really nice shiny clock :). Just to see how Lux handles it.