Albert - Suzanne's boyfriend

Here’s Albert, modeled from Anabela Faria’s concept for a portuguese blender comunity competition:

everything looks great except the chimp. Work on the skin and fur a little more
The grass looks amazing. tell me your secret

looks amazing. I agree with ldh1109, how did you make that grass.

Thank you both.
I would appreciate some tips on how to improve the skin and the fur. I’ve been playing with the fur and couldn’t get it any better. Due to the lack of time this was the version I submitted to the competition but I’m willing to improve it if I get some tips on what to change.

Concerning the grass, it was made based on what I’ve learned in the Nature Academy from Andrew Price.
It’s made of 3 particle systems. One for the low poly flowers (3 different colors), one for the long grass (some samples between the legs) and other for the normal grass.

Concerning the normal grass, the settings are as following:

  • hair particles, advanced mode
  • emit from faces, random, even distribution, random
  • velocity: normal 0.02
  • physics: default with 0.01 brownian force
  • render: path, strand render, degrees 5, b-spline steps 3
  • children: render: 60, effects: clump -0.5, shape 0, length 0.9, threshold 0.5, radius 0.15, roughness endpoint 0.003 shape 2.0, random 0.001, size 0.5

The grass particle material:

  • diffuse intensity 0.8
  • specular 0.1, hardness 300
  • shading: emit 0, ambient 1, translucency 0.7
  • transparency: z transparency, alpha 0 (will be defined by texture)
  • strand: size 0.006, tip 0.0001, minimum 0.7, Blender units, tangent shading, shape 0, surface diffuse distance 2.0

Then apply a blend texture, with color ramp to input color and alpha variations.

  • color varies from black or dark green in root to light yellowish green on the tip
  • alpha is 0 in the root and in the tip and 1 in the body
  • blend progression: linear, horizontal
  • mapping coordinates: strand/particle
  • influence color:1, alpha:1

Hope I could help with the grass.