Albertosaurus (Animation Test)

This is an animation based on the Albertosaurus (who I call Stumpy) from the TV series Primeval: New World. I modeled rigged and textured the guy myself. This is my first animation test with such a large creature, and my main problem is usually how to get the weight feel right. I’m calling this particular animation finished, but for future reference how does one convey weight and such in a realistic manner? Are there certain ‘rules’ to follow or is it primarily just by eye?


When something weights it goes down and then slowly up (if you go up quickly there is no effort). So the whole thing from the knee up would go down a little and then up 3x slower than the time it was down or so. I would take a look to the Jurassic Park one frame by frame.

Great model as always! Most of the animation is good, however the hip motion is very awkward. First of all, consider the weight of this creature. When it steps down, it would sink about 1/4 of the way to the ground. Also, it should go down more on the stepping foot. The other foot is beginning to lift off the ground, so the hip on that side shouldn’t sink as much. Also, it looks like the hip is going drastically side-to-side. That movement should be slower and much more subtle. It’s mostly sideways rotation, not linear motion. Lastly, when the hip does move, the whole torso moves with it. That’s not particularly realistic IMHO, since the torso is heavier than the hip, and would stay relatively in the same place. I used IKs on every large body part far away from the hip in my carnotaur animation, and it worked well enough for me. You might want to consider doing the same.