"alchemist" from movie "vidocq"

Hi all.

I recently watched this french horror flick, and got urge to model “alchemist”, the main baddie of the film. It’s not exact one on one copy, and there is need for more bump mapping. But please do comment, if you feel like it.

here’s link to original “Alchemist” I dug with help of Google


nice. i would try setting the texture mapping on the gloves from ‘orco’ to ‘nor’ though,…they seem to have a slightly weird grain to them.

I’ve seen the film too and I got to say that I think it wasn’t that bad…

The mask seems a little “dull” to me and maybe needs even more reflectiveness and maybe even set ‘Fresnel’ to a different value, to get even more “clear” reflections…

That mask, was supposed to be a perfect mirror, in the film…

I havent seen the flick but i like the model and its pose.

The hand and the fingers look a bit blocky. the hood looks a bit flat or 2d at the top.

Nice would be a frightend looking woman/person he is going to kill as a reflection in his mask.

Thanks from the comments.

Modron: you’re right, I’ll set the mapping on different value. i actually already did, an result was far more better. But alas, i am unable to load new version, because i am not on my home comp for until saturday or sunday.

Timonides: I’ll tune up te reflection. But maybe that dullness comes from the sligt red color I used as mirror color. Dunno. But I’ll work on that.

Renderwhan: Yes yes, more reflections on their way.