Alchemist Laboratory


(laboratorio) #1

Hello, guys!
Two months ago, I posted the modeling of this personal project that I loved doing, I hope you also have liked :heart:
To see more of the project, access my page on ArtStation


Nice! Love the design of it!

(Member) #3

Very good work looks very nice…

(ChameleonScales) #4

Hey, this is great work. We’d like to feature it but we’re thinking maybe the night version is the best one. Whichever version you’d prefer to see on the top row, can you put it as the first in your post?

(laboratorio) #5

Hello!! Thanks!
I prefer the day version, but if you think that the night is the best, feel free to feature :slight_smile:
How I put the prefer image on the top? I’m new here :smile:


Very nice work! I love the style of it :smile:

(ChameleonScales) #7

We’re thinking about which one to put.
But just so you know how to change it, there is a pencil icon at the bottom of your posts. This lets you edit them. From there you would just have to switch the image urls. The first one is automatically selected to generate the thumbnail.
But don’t do it right now.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #8

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

(alf0) #9

nice work man
how do the owner of this house travel without a boat !!!

(ChameleonScales) #10

I #featured you here. The night version looks more magical and alchemimist…ic? but also less legible on a small thumbnail.

(Benny_Flex) #11

Nice work @pedrohenrique.

(rombout) #12

Wow stunning man! What is even greater you added 2 shots day and night!!!

I feel that you should add a bit of haze so the little marvle breaks a but loose from the background. I tend to feel that the background is a bit to dominant.

Stunning model and lovely colors!!!

PS small detail… :slight_smile: I see some pink streak around the small metal chimney, would be nice if the smoke was also a bit pink or color, than those streaks make sense :slight_smile:

You got a lovely sketching style btw, its very clear and and nice soft strokes

(RayVelcoro) #13

So appealing…

(laboratorio) #14

Thanks oo muuuuuchhh
I’m very happy, grateful <3

(Ward Darcey) #15

WOW - When can I move in?
I could write amazing music in this place.
I can see the scene in the dark, with spooky piano music drifting across the lake, from a top window.

(Samuel Philippian) #16

Great work, very interesting design! Reminds me of the neighbor’s house from Hello Neighbor.

(angela) #17

This is awesome

(trevorcurtis) #18

An amazing design! I love the night render with the glowing windows. The warm daylight photo has a nice look to it as well. Great work!

(Alejandro Cambra) #19

Nice composition there! :grinning:

(Joseph Fox) #20

It is outstanding! Great work :smiley: