Alchemist Laboratory


(Tatjana Tjorn) #21

It’s seems like an unachievable level to me. Great work!

(Patrick) #22

This is truely awesome!

(魔大农) #23

I am somehow reminded of the baker’s island from Kindom-O-Magic. :slight_smile:

(Sean Lake) #24

This is gorgeous work. Not only modeling, but also coloring(not too saturated, etc." Just beautiful. I’m assuming you rendered in cycles? Love to see your maps for this!

(blend rend) #25

Is pretty good. Looks a bit like Playmobil.

(Benedicts Forester) #27

Omg I love it!
How do you make your own textures?
I’ve been looking everywhere to find a tutorial or something on how to draw half-cartoony looking textures like this but cant find anything.
Does someone know a tutorial I can watch?