Alchemist's Laboratory

I made this Picture some months ago (was my first bigger project), but I wasn’t registered here yet. Maybe some of you have alredy seen it (I showed it in other communities), but I thought, once registered here, it would be worth posting it.
Anyway, thnx for comments, critics and everything like that.

greets, gwen

Fantastic! No crits at all. should post this on their gallery.

nice detailed scene. great job. one thing that i would change is to mellow down the carpet texture a bit. it seems a bit harsh. great scene.

Yes, nice… I like it.


The truth is that “Alchemist lab” is the theme i always wanted to do. Nice for show all materials like wood, metals, papers, glass, flames, liquids e.t.c.

Well done. I like it, but i have also one world of crit. Try to add more twisted glass pipes, more flames.

nice scene!
the book pages need some more work,the light too,the source of light is the candle right?

hehe, thanks for the flattering comments! What i forgot to say before: Everything in this blender scene is made on my own, including all the textures and stuff (yeah, I used also some fotos wich I made with my digicam). (Well, ok, the hand in the glass on the desk is copied from the makehuman char… )
I just wonder that no one mentioned the wall, because when i see the picture (I use it as desktop-image), I promise myselfe to re-do it once…

@Modron: The carpet actuly is liing in my appartement and you are right, it is a bit miss-scaled here.

@leon: well, the light actually comes from several sources: one is the candle, one is the alcohol burner, then there are two other candles wich you cant see in the image: One on the top of the board at the left side, and one on the other side of the room, vis-a-vis from the table.

The book pages - well, here I absolutely agree with you! The books were the first thing I createt for the scene, I actually did not know what kind of scene it would become, when I createt them!

Sorry if my english isn’t that good, It’s evening, I already had some beers and I’m really tired at this moment - not that my english was better when I am fresh and awake! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work, really captures the feeling

idk, something feels wrong.

it looks like one of those old renders, like before they had raytracing.

maybe try toning down the saturation a bit.

I agree. Less orange, brown, and gold and more contrast would have been better. Although it’s nice that you made many models in the scene, the composition is very cluttered and lacks a focal point (not to mention other artistic concepts, such as movement, repetition, rythm, etc.).

The lighting could certainly be improved as well (try lowering their strenths and slightly adding some yellow color to the lights, and the shadows are all very strong. Ambient Occlusion would help that.

Frankly though, since it’s an early work from your blending hobby “career,” I would just move on and take those things into consideration for your next project. I hope you can handle my harsh crit’s; personally, I’d rather take that over an “oooh, perfect!” any day. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you use AO, but if you don’t, you should! It give the pic a little more reality and a little more grain, and I think the pictures needs grain.

Ambient Occlusion was OF, when I made this picture I even didn’t know that such a feature exists.
I did some Postwork with the contrast, saturation and lightening in Photoshop, maybe this is what it lets look kinda strong for you guys.
I was quite satisfied with the result, but if you have seen a picture So many times, you become kinda blind for such things.

I have to add that I belive some of the things some of you mentoined are also a question of the individual taste. (such as “more twisted glass pipes, more flames.” or “very cluttered and lacks a focal point” …)

@Artistotle: Sure, I prefer harsh critics from a “oooh, perfect” too. :wink:

Awsome! Thats really good. I only have one question, and that is how did you do the paper for the book. And are there any tuts for making books like ones that are open and etc? Keep it up man send it to Blender3d!

Your name is Gwen, but the render says “Casper”. Thats kind of confusing. Nice job, though!

@ Squirrel: Well, Caspar is my real name, Gwendolan is my nick… I think that 's not soooo confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Viccine: I wonder that you like the book, considering the fact that most people critizized them (especcialy the way the pages are). I do not know any “book”-tutorial, but it’s not sooo hard to make such a book. I first createt the cover (out of a dice wich i deformed and extruded). Then i formed (as far is I remember) the Paper out of a dice, with subdivide and subdivide fracten, further I did the absent edges… I also made a picture with an open book, I just didn’t show it because I think the lightening is horribel here… :-? But I will show you the part with the open book because you ask :wink: :smiley: :
The printed part was painted in Photoshop and than UV-mapped onto the pages…

Thanks I’ll have to try that for myself.