Alchemy (an Animated Short) updated Sept 28

Well I gues I haven’t updated this in a reeeally long time. So one last update… its finished! Alchemy was nominated for the Suzanne Awards, and that is where it will debut. In the meantime I made a neat little website for the film where you can see read about the characters and see some concept art and download some cool Alchemy wallpapers. So enjoy:

After the film debuts at the Blender Conference, I’ll put the film online and put a post in the finished projects forum so you all can see it.


Hello! I’ve begun work on an animated short for my semester project for an animation class that I am taking. Right now I’m calling it “Alchemy” but that may change if I come up with a better title.

The film’s weblog can be found here:
More images can be found on the blog. It seems redundant to post them all here.

Here’s some interesting things that I’ve come up with so far (bear in mind that these are all wips. If it looks unfinished… thats because it is :)):
I know his feet look funny… thats because I haven’t made his feet yet! He is going to get front feet too.

I’ll be posting more to this thread as the project developes. What do you think so far?

I love the ballon boat. It should work well with the softbody option. And the webbed sails, what a hoot? Does the frog sail it?

I’m looking at it though and wondering if the two ballons might be better side by side rather than stacked

Looks like a great start.

BTW, what cool department/class has a blender video as a final project? Is it CS, movies studies or what?

The ballon boat is excellent, I like a lot its shape. (hmm… maybe the middle balloon looks a bit like a grenade though).

And the two characters are really nice too. (Now I wonder what is the kind of steam machine on the top of the 1st one :slight_smile: )

Someone is using my new wood texture options! Excellent :slight_smile: That jar of eyes is fantastic. All of your characters and the boat itself have come out really well. The only thing I would say would be turn down the nor on the lid.

I love these models… very original. Nice work :slight_smile:

The frog is more of a pet. The proud owner of the airship is a yet unmodeled mad scientist. I like to draw airships and I went out of my way to write one into the script because I’ve been looking for an excuse to build a 3d one. Usually I draw them with balloons arranged in a line or with a typical “blimp” look, but I like the stacked configuration. It is unique and it reminds me of a tower (which is where mad scientists traditionally work anyways.

BTW, what cool department/class has a blender video as a final project? Is it CS, movies studies or what?

Technically it is a maya class. However, since I am an “advanced” student and it is my final semester, I’m pretty much just doing what I want to do (what are they going to do? Keep me from graduating because I used Blender? :P). The class is run by the CS dept, but it is crosslisted as a media arts and art studio class as well. If you’re looking for a school to study animation at… I don’t recommend mine :(.

You aren’t the first person to make this remark :-?. I was trying to make it look like it was stiched together from several pieces. Maybe if I have extra time I’ll work with it some more. Unfortunately, with a december deadline, time is not something I have alot of :(.

The little guy with the steam engine strapped to his back is biomechanical creature. The steam engine turns an electric generator, which in turn makes his heart pump or something. Fortunately the film is going to be too short for me to put in any kind of in depth explanation of how it works :D.

Oops! we were posting at the same time :smiley:

I love the new features! You can actually use the wood texture to make stuff look like wood now ;). So big thanks!

Very cool. I want to see this animation when it’s done.

I like the grenade-looking balloons.

It looks like the little balloon and fin on top could be detached and flown separately like an escape pod.

Very cool, I am guessing a ramp shader on the cloth to get the aged/dirty look? I like the feel this movie seems to have also, the techno-steam thing (overused yes, but still very cool :D) I’ll be looking forward to this.

I suppose it could, although it won’t in my film. But it is a good justification for the stacked balloon setup.

Nope. UV mapped and painted. Ambient Occlusion aids the effect as well, altough I may not be able to use AO in the final production due to render times.

update on Octofrog:


very nice…

no crits(as you have said if it looks unfinished its casue it is…)

I’ve started texturing Steamer. I think the stitches need some more work :-?

The characters are fantastic. Great designs and they really have character, which is difficult to pull off.

As for the stiches on the Streamer character, they look good, but maybe they need to be a bit finer, as in not so thick. Plus, and I am sure you are going to do this, a good bump map and additional colour will make them look better.

Will be keeping an eye on the progress for this one.


Thanks BgDM!

I think you’re right about the stitches. Some extra color should do the trick. I’m thinking a leather color would do. There is a bump map, but I think the nor settings need tweaking (also AO makes it not as noticable). Probably a spec map to add a little bit of spec to the stitches wouldn’t hurt either.

would be neat to walk around in your brain sketchy. I still dont know how you come up with these awesome models.

…checking ebay for super shrink ray…

lol Enriq. Since you can’t walk around in my brain, maybe I’ll render it for you. I just need to find a good way to model cobwebs ;).

So here’s the latest update. I took a break from blender this weekend so not much work done. Note: I threw out the image-mapped stitches and just modeled them. Big increase in polycount, but I think they look sooo much nicer.

That is much better. Gives it the depth that it needed.

Great work.


Thanks BgDM. I really appreciate how supportive you have been of my past and present projects.

Big texturing update:

Also, check out my blog to see the book model I made today:

lol hes cool nice work on the texturing

only crit the eyes apear to be dinted at the pupils

Please, I beg you! Don’t let this project die! I have seen other good work been abandoned. This looks realy cool, so DON’T LET IT DIE!

keep it up!