Alchemy (an Animated Short) updated Sept 28

those are some sweet models, dude. i am also working on a large raytraced anim. the render times are kicking my ass. i’ve been trying to composite against the backbuffer when i can. good luck. it looks very promising.

Awsome models and textures on the whole project.
Only the jar of eyes doesn’t convince me. One thing is the cap, the material looks stange, maibe a bit out of scale…
Also, eyes and liquid inside the jar are a bit too clean and sharp, and eyes lack capillaries (OMG i’m obsessed with capillaries…) %|
Anyway i have no “serious” crits on this. As i see the characters, i think it will be a very good animation and i can’t wait to see it finished!

[Kothe] If he lets this die…He fails, I think he will finish it. As long as he stays away from all those girls who want his body, he should be ok…
%| :wink:

Aiden: Thanks. The dent in the eyeball is intentional. I haven’t yet decided if I like it like that or not. I’ll probably tweak it some more.

[Kothe]: Like Enriq said- I’m committed to this one because my graduation hinges on it. I might have to make some comprimises to my original vision in order to make deadlines, but I guarantee I will have some sort of animation finished by mid december. Thank you for your support though. Kind words from my elysiun friends helps me work faster :D.

Modron: Thanks man. I plan on compositing when I can, especially for things like particle effects. I’ve never used the backbuffer for compositing… just the sequencer. I’ll have to check it out. When do we get to see your animation?

TiZeta: I love my jar of eyes. Not gonna change it :P… Ok, maybe I’ll tweak the lid material. As for capillaries, gross! :smiley:

Enriq: lol… dude, there is a reason you’ve never seen my picture ;).

? gross ? sorry i’m not english-us, what does it means? I’ve found too many translations on the web dictionary…

Oops, sorry. I guess that is a slang word. I guess “disgusting” would be a good synonym. I’d also call them “icky”, but I don’t think you’ll find that one in the dictionary either ;).

Octofrog is rigged! Here’s a quick pose test.


:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

And the poeple stand and cheer…SKETCHY! SKETCKY! SKETCHY!

Awesome…Well if you have a problem meeting girls…I can send you a one, just send 199.95 plus shipping and handling. Please include color, size, and weight. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days. I also ship internationally. Visa, MC accepted…no I do not take American Express…No Refunds, Exchanges only. must be returned unopend and untouched…

Im pretty much going crazy…so please excuse…

I like the model. I like the pose. You should be done in what?..few more weeks…:stuck_out_tongue:


Actually I forgot what i was gonna ask, then I rememberd…Do you get to render this on a school computer? If so how fast is it? and How long do you expect it to render?

Yes, I’ll have access to several linux boxes for rendering. I’m not sure on their specs. They are old, but faster than my computer.

Ok, I feel a little silly posting this, but it is significant to me just because it is the first animation to come out of this little project:

(divx, about 100 kb)

Sketchy -

I think you’ve got some nice blinks going there. good speed.

Also, I like the way Octofrog looks. Does he look to anyone else like he’s about to punch something? It’s probably just me, but that’s a rather dominating pose he’s got.

Are you going to post any story board stuff or give us a clue about the plot of your short?

~ The Mink

No… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, texturing on steamer is done. I started building his rig tonight.

Really really nice work.

Maybe add a bit od specularity around the stitches on the Streamer? Would help to show off sort of a rotted flesh look I think.

Great work on the eye blinks. I have never figured out this anim stuff. Probably cause I never have the damned time to do it. :wink:

Anyway, any chance of getting a screen shot of the rig for the Octofrog? Would be very interested in taking a look at your set up.

Keep up the great work. Loving the progress so far.


everythings looks really great,
very neat original characters and great modeling

it looks like it is going to be a very fun animation to watch
good luck!

Eww! Rotted flesh isn’t cuddly! :smiley:

Anyway, any chance of getting a screen shot of the rig for the Octofrog? Would be very interested in taking a look at your set up.

I’ll go one step further:
(if your using firefox, you might have to right click, save link as)

Wu: Thanks man. Any new Simple Cartoons coming out soon? :smiley:

WOW! That is one serious rig sketchy. Thanks for sharing. I am learning a lot by looking at it.


Heres the beginnings of a new character: the Mad Scientist!


ooh, looking good, even without texturing.

Well, I have 1 crit…well, maybe not. hehe looking good, why cant we have a clue on the plot :-((((((

Thanks jellywerker.

Enriq- Ok… I will give you a clue about the plot. Its about two strange creatures who live with a mad scientist aboard an airship. Hope that wasn’t too much of a spoiler :P.

Ok, one last update today. I need sleep… really bad.

Theres more in the blog.

WOW your plot clues involve…wait a minute! All those things are on here! You should get a cookie for being so funny! I am going to send you one and post mark it for Next year, that way it will be all moldy and crusty by the time you get it.

Hehe you are a sly one Sketch.